Vs2016 disable updating intellisense

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We’ve also fixed about 300 compiler bugs since Update 1, many of which address bad code generation in our compiler.

We understand that breaking changes can be very impactful for developers and so we strive to make sure any changes that can affect currently working source code are minor and rare and try our best to document any areas where bug fixes might affect you along with potential fixes.

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In Update 3 you will see many such fixes addressing customer feedback around performance and stability.If these were not the release notes you were expecting, you have reached the release notes for the most current version. Visual requires a free Dev Essentials subscription, or a Visual Studio Subscription.Send us your feedback using the Feedback option in Visual Studio. For additional information, see How to Install a Specific Release of Visual Studio.In all environments, begin by choosing Visual Assist as the source of C/C content in the options dialog of Visual Assist. \ Set value to "Delay" to temporarily prevent default Intelllisense from parsing while the Visual Assist parses.Set value to "Disable" to prevent default Intelllisense from parsing at all.

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