Updating quickbooks in a multi user environment

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For more information on sharing updates in a multi-user environment: Summary of Release 6 Changes: Accounts Receivable Terms on a sales order will flow to the invoices created from it.

Therefore, plan the update process at a time when you can conveniently complete all steps.

These enhancements include disabling Alternate set up Mode.

If for any reason, you need to enable this mode, see Multi-User access changes in Quick Books Desktop 2015 and later.

(R6) Advanced Inventory Quick Books will now display a "No Site" section on the Inventory Stock Status by Site report, for those transactions without a site selected.

(R6) Resolved issues that caused barcode scanners to not work if unplugged and then plugged back in while Quick Books is open. When bin location tracking is turned on, the on-hand quantity of an assembly will no longer show zero if there are builds that predate inventory transactions.

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