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“When I began online dating I noticed the horrendous mistakes people were making and how they were using incredibly incorrect images,” said Tracey.

“For example wedding photos with ex-wives cropped out or photos on naked torsos in bathroom mirrors.

"Americans spend thousands of hours swiping and chatting with people via Tinder, Bumble and other online dating sites and apps, so our goal was to provide a free and fun app that made dating in the 21, President of Stud or Dud.

"Nearly one-third of all online daters do their own background checks about potential dates before meeting them.

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Classic FM Romance is the trusted online dating service for classical musical lovers.

Machismo takes forms in various ways and often is culturally ingrained within Latinx communities.

Dating’s Little Helper launched by Irish love guru Tracey Ferguson offers to transform online dating profiles by critically assessing grammar, choosing the correct photographs and cutting out personal descriptions which are potential turn offs.

It's estimated that 15% of Americans have used dating websites or apps, with numbers expected to rise in the next many years. Marketers have played a huge role in helping this industry grow from simple online personals to complex platforms with millions of users. New innovations and a growing user base now give marketers more data than ever to play with in online dating. No website has found the magic method of creating a love connection.

“This is a total virgin science,” Brooks quips with a restrained laugh from his deck in Malta.

I was born in Cairo, Egypt but my […] What is Machismo?

Machismo is a predominant “traditional” belief in Latinx communities that women are inferior to men.

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