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A Playboy model lost an effort to dismiss a criminal charge for taking a photo of a naked 71-year-old woman at a gym and posting it on social media with disparaging remarks about the woman's body.Mathers, who was the 2015 "Playmate of the Year," took a photo of a naked 70-year-old woman at the gym in July 2016 and posted it on Snapchat with the message: If I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either.

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Classic 1950s and 1960s opera recordings of standard repertory survive, thrillingly remastered to the latest hi-res standards.

Mathers was charged in November with one count of invasion of privacy in the July incident, in which the 2015 Playboy Playmate of the Year snapped a photo of the nude 70-year-old and posted it to Snapchat with the text "If I can't unsee this then you can't either." "She really apologizes from the bottom of her heart for what happened," Mathers’ attorney Thomas Mesereau said outside of court. Never intended to hurt anyone." Mathers’ post elicited criticism from those who said she was “body shaming” the woman.

Mathers deleted the post and apologized, saying that she only meant to send the picture to a friend rather than share it with her thousands of followers.

As a society, we're not very good at preparing for, or dealing with, old age. With an average age of 80, Bridget, Daphne, Jean, Gillian, Sue and Lady Trumpington have something inspirational in common – to keep going, to look fabulous and to have fun.

Without Botox or plastic surgery, these women are redefining what it means to be 'old': they will not let their age define them.

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